PISS SHY | Shane Allison | [E]

Some men won’t stand at the urinals
Especially when there’s another man
Residing beside them.
Too afraid eyes will wander off

As another man stands beside them
Straddled in front of a urinal cake.
Terrified another dude’s eyes will wander down between their thighs
In the supposed privacy of a toilet

As he stands straddled in his haste to get rid of waste
When some prefer stalls, surrounded by walls
For the likely privacy of a toilet.
Hidden from the glare of curious stares

That is blocked with fiberglass walls of stalls.
“You lookin’ at my dick?” He blares
As he responds to a curious stare
Given by the man standing next to him.

“You lookin’ at my dick!”
He’s gonna get his ass kicked,
That man standing next to him with wandering eyes.
Relax guy, I’m just admiring the size, cuz I’m thinking about getting a penile extension.

Almost got his ass kicked
For looking at that guy’s dick,
When he was just admiring the size with them wandering eyes
After he mentioned his penile extension cuz he’s just not
Glad with what he has between his stairmastered legs.