EVERLASTING | Patrice M. Wilson

In our heads there is a world, and in our hearts
and in our souls, and this is a trinity of worlds
calling to the outside one strange name.

Once when all was dark we had no hands.
Our souls reached up and said, Don't be afraid,
and those words became our hands.

We watched our hands play in the dark
before our faces, like newborn child hands,
and these our smiles became the light.

Our hearts reached out to touch what was
between the darkness and our smiles
and in this twilight awoke our voices.

We are our voices, a plenitude
of voices, calling to the outside
one strange name.

We become and become, folding into ourselves
in oneness and flux,
stirred by our own hands,

and we forget how it all started,
and how to end it,
we have long since forgotten.